TCMA Telecoms Cost Management and Auditing services


1. What is reflected on the telecommunications accounts will be aligned with the services working at the customers’ sites in line with the customer’s business needs.

Billing discrepancies, identified in favour of the customer, will be recovered from the Service Provider on the customers’ behalf. Claims can be made retrospectively for up to 36 months in accordance with the Prescription act.

In cases where the billing discrepancies are in favour of the service provider, the customer will be advised accordingly.

Corrective actions will be introduced to ensure accurate billing by the service providers.

2. Over-dimensioning of voice & non-voice services will be identified & addressed. Many cases of over-dimensioning are due to over- selling by the service providers.

SLAs (Platinum vs. Gold vs. Silver vs. Bronze, Functional testing etc.)

Dimensioning of data access services and related distance based costs.

PABX (PSTN Access, Switching, Extensions and related reticulation).

We insure a skills transfer to maintain sustainability on the telecoms billing.

3. Cost reduction opportunities will be identified. (Equally effective but less costly technology)

Proposals for solutions to these opportunities will be made.

If accepted, the TCMA team will provide assistance with the engaging of the service providers for the implementation of the proposed solutions.

If no cost reduction or no billing discrepancies leading to refunds are identified, there will be no charge to the customer and the TCSM team will cover its own costs. To determine the viability of conducting a full review, a sample "Dipstick" review is conducted free of charge.